Getting Started


A Free 15-30 Minute Consultation

Our “No Sweat Intro” is a private, free consultation that provides an opportunity for you to share your background, past injuries, concerns, and (most importantly) your unique goals. For some, the conversation is very quick, for others it’s a bit more in depth. This is not a sales session.

  • Share your background and unique goals.
  • Develop a custom plan of action unique to your fitness and/or performance goals.
  • Get your questions answered.
  • The NSI spots fill up pretty quickly. These sessions are only for those 100% serious about making a change.  These sessions also allow us to see if the person is a good fit for what we offer. We want to make sure that everyone who joins our community has a positive attitude, willingness to work towards their goals, and will attend fairly regularly to make sure the see they results that our program has to offer.

Already Have CrossFit Experience?

Think you should be excused from the required Intro? Please contact us to set up an appointment or to talk with a coach. If we feel you are knowledgeable in required movements, you may go straight to our Group Sessions.